SOS Hydration

The Stride are pleased to welcome SOS hydration as part of our extended network.

About SOS Hydration:

Unlike most sports drinks, SOS Hydration has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less carbohydrates. When compared to energy drinks whose main ingredients are sugar and caffeine, they only give an artificial energy boost, and are not effective at rehydration.

The Stride team and our athletes have partnered with SOS Rehydrate, as it is a fastest acting fluid replacement sports drink on the market. Not only do our runners enjoy the great taste and variety of flavours, they also feel very secure knowing that SOS is a rehydration sports drink that has been created to prevent and help combat mild to moderate dehydration for people with active lifestyles and aiming for optimal physical performance.



Because SOS Hydration uses the right mix of minerals and glucose to help your body maximise its ability to get more out of water, our runners simply run faster at training and on race day. Why might this be the case? Well its because SOS is Doctor formulated to ensure it is more effective and efficient, to ensure the quickest rehydration process so you stay hydrated when it matters most.