Melbourne Running Trails

Here is a collection of our favourite running trails across Melbourne. Be sure to check our timing records and recommendations for all levels. We have also provided a recommended Cafe for the pre-workout hit or post-workout debrief.

Albert Park – Albert Park Lake

Welcome to Albert Park Melbourne. The outside track is completely flat, with the track measuring 4.7km in length. This is just an awesome spot for training, as the park also home to Olympic Park Melbourne. Be it short or long distance you’re running, you’re in for a treat! With great local cafes such as MART 130 located inside the grounds, this location caters perfectly. For those living in and around the area, Albert Park should be high on the training list!

Capital City/Yarra Trail – Kew to City

Welcome to Capital City/Yarra Trail. The Stride joins the trail just north of Melbourne City, and takes you on an approximate 12km journey before intersecting the gardeners creek city trial at St.Kevin’s College, Toorak. This track gives you everything from great views, flat and hilly terrain, with the splendid Collingwood Farmers Cafe on route. A must run for all runners, so be sure to add this to your training priorities.

Gardiners Creek Trail – Ashburton to City

Welcome to Gardiners Creek Trail. The Stride takes you on one of Melbourne’s most popular routes starting in Ashburton, all the way to the gates of Richmond where the track then slowly meets the CBD and Southbank. This 10.6km track is predominantly flat and gives every runner a spectacular view of the City and Yarra River. You will day dream about owning a house on the river, or running on water. This is because the track at times travels over footbridges that hover centimetres from the glassy water, and provides views of the Melbourne mansions. Unfortunately you won’t find a cafe on the trail itself. However, The Stride lets you in on a old Melbourne secret and one of our favourites: Tartines Armadale, if you fancy a detour.

Fitzroy Gardens – Fitzroy

The Stride welcomes you to Fitzroy Gardens, right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This small track plays home to many city based runners and its obvious as to why they’re so fond of their turf. These pristine gardens are well maintained all year round and will always have a runner or two training here. Runners can enjoy the flat and the occasional steep hill, that can be ideal for repetition based training. Ensure that once you finish your session you visit Square and Compass cafe. The stride often use the cafe as a meeting destination, with the broccolini bowl being our favourite, along with a 7 Seeds long black coffee.

Dendy Park – Brighton

The Stride welcomes you to Dendy Park, located in Melbourne’s south eastern suburb of Brighton. Dendy park plays host to many sporting activities with the main being athletics, soccer and tennis. Along the track you will see professional running groups completing pre and in season training, the occasion AFL footballer and families on their morning stroll. The grounds provide a 2.2km perimeter track that is predominately flat, as well as a grass athletics field located on the north side. Do keep in mind that during the winter months the track can become heavy underfoot, so a change of socks and shoes is not always a bad idea. When finishing your session Dendy or Church street is where you will find the Brighton cafes. Most of these cafes are particularly busy on weekends, and this trend seems to last all year round. We don’t have a favourite cafe however, if you’re the indecisive type, Brighton School house is a safe and good choice for a post training meal and coffee.

Beach Road: Hampton – St. Kilda

The Stride welcomes you to beach road. In this video the stride takes you on an 9km run from the Melbourne suburb of Hampton right into the vibrant suburb of St. Kilda. Over the run you will pass the Brighton Beach boxes as well as many renown Melbourne beaches, before winding up at Luna Park. This run is predominantly flat with the occasional hill. Hills are of a low gradient and evenly dispersed over the journey, so runners won’t feel too high levels of lactic. Perfect for speed, interval or continuous running the stride recommends that this run be completed on a sunny day followed by a stop off at Monk Bodhi Dharma or Galleon. Both institutions of the area, these cafes are ideal for a post run breakfast or lunch to replenish your energy stores and will not disappoint.