Tim Sayer

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Doctor of Physiotherapy (Melb)
Doctor of Philosophy (Current: completion September 2017)


Tim joins ‘The Stride’ with a special interest in knee injuries, athletic development, and injury prevention. Tim is currently completing his PhD at the Centre for Health Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM) at The University of Melbourne where he undertakes research into female lower limb biomechanics related knee injuries, particularly how jumping and running mechanics differ among adolescent females. He is fortunate to currently hold a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) scholarship, working alongside world leading sports medicine researchers.

Tim’s exposure to athletics is similar to his colleague Nicholas Cross, where he spent many years training alongside former 800m world indoor champion Tamsyn Lewis-Manou. He has reached the final of 400m events at Stawell Gift, and competed at various Athletics Victoria events.

Tim integrates his knowledge of lower limb biomechanics, weightlifting credentials and Redcord suspension exercise in his assessment of all his runners, providing a tailored plan to achieve their goal.

Tim’s physiotherapy roles relating to athletics include:

  • Nitro Athletics, where he was part of the medical team providing physiotherapy services for the Australian Team
  • Athletics Victoria, assisting with the medical care of the Victorian state team at the 2017 National Australian Athletics Championships

Tim is  member of:

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Sports Medicine Australia
  • Australian Weightlifting Federation

Tim will endeavour to work closely with all his athletes and consult his Stride colleagues to optimise athlete resilience and performance.

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