Kang Nyoak

The Stride is proud to present Kang Nyoak who competes nationally in both 800m and 1500m track Athletics.


Kang Nyoak is a very special athlete who is blessed with enormous amounts of natural talent. Off minimal training Nyoak was encouraged to enter the 2014 Victoria all school championships by his high school teacher. With a few weeks training leading up to the event Kang competed in his first major athletics competition. Being inexperienced in both 800m and 1500m one would think any runner would have difficulty coping with race speeds not to mention the tactical aspects. For Kang this proved to be of little concern as he ran a strong second in the 1500m and defeated defending champion Sam William in the 800m.

After two strong performances Nyoak qualified for the Australian All School Championships which were four weeks later. In this competition, off little training he cracked the two minute barrier to finish third as a bottom age competitor in the 800m. In 2015 Nyoak returned to cross country as part of his winter training block and took out the Victorian All Schools Cross Country 4km event.

This was a fantastic time for Nyoak who used winter 2015 as a building block for the summer 2015/16 athletics season. Over the season he slowly began to really flourish under coach Michael Whiteoak and topped the season by being crowned the 2016 Australian Junior Champion in the 1500m event.

“Since being placed in a professional environment I’m growing more and more as an athlete. Obviously I am still learning about the sport of track athletics but know I will get stronger and faster each year”

Kang joins The Stride to manage his training especially as a junior athlete. The Stride works very closely with Nyoak to achieve the perfect balance in his running and conditioning training. This is to decrease the chance of injury, optimise training performances and help a natural champion achieve his goal of qualifying for the 800m world juniors.

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