Gardiners Creek (Video)

Come and take a quick run through one of Melbourne’s great running locations: Gardiners Creek

Welcome to Gardiners Creek Trail. The Stride takes you on one of Melbourne’s most popular routes starting in Ashburton, all the way to the gates of Richmond where the track then slowly meets the CBD and Southbank. This 10.6km track is predominantly flat and gives every runner a spectacular view of the City and Yarra River. You will day dream about owning a house on the river, or running on water. This is because the track at times travels over footbridges that hover centimetres from the glassy water, and provides views of the Melbourne mansions. Unfortunately you won’t find a cafe on the trail itself. However, The Stride lets you in on a old Melbourne secret and one of our favourites: Tartines Armadale, if you fancy a detour.

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