Emma Poynton

Bachelor of Podiatry 
Masters of Health Specialisation (Podiatry)

Emma joins ‘The Stride’ as our Clinical Sports Podiatrist with over 10 years of experience. Emma’s strong interest in clinical sports podiatry came though her own involvement as a competing athlete, originally in track and field sprinting on the Victorian Athletic League circuit before transitioning into ice hockey. Through being an athlete and working with elite athletes, and in professional sporting environments, Emma has developed a clinical and practical understanding of what injured athletes need as part of their treatment and management plans. Emma’s clinical practice specializes in biomechanics, sports medicine and injury management with a strong interest in running. Extending beyond sports medicine, Emma consults on all common foot and lower limb complaints such as heel and arch pain, extra corporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), nail conditions and surgeries, diabetic assessments, foot and leg pain, orthotic therapy, and paediatrics.Educating her patients to understand their ailment, and management strategies involved  is vital in Emma’s practice. 

When not consulting, Emma regularly provides return education sessions for colleagues and athletes through channels such as chairing the Australian Podiatry Association’s Sports Podiatry Special Interest Group, presenting on numerous sports medicine topics to podiatry colleagues within Victoria, and presenting similar topics to physiotherapists at the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Emma works as the Western Bulldogs (AFL) podiatrist and consults at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine, Lifecare Ashburton Sports Medicine and Lifecare La Trobe Sports Medicine.

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